Eek School Monthly Theme:
October’s Theme is Achievement
School-wide Vocabulary: Perseverance, Intrinsic Motivation

Each morning the school meets in the gym to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English and Yugtun, and then we hold a short talk about our monthly theme. This month our focus is on being safe: thinking before we act, being aware of others, and being prepared when we are outside in the elements.

Eek School
Mission Statement

The mission of Eek School is to inspire students to meet rigorous academic standards that enable them to exceed the HSGQE requirements and demonstrate fluency in the Yup’ik and English languages by integrating effective instruction at home and at school to the greatest extent possible.

Picirkiutiit Ekvicuarmiut Elitnaurviat

Elitnaurat elitnaurciqut pinarqelriit elitnaurutkat qaqingnaqluki piyugngariluki-llu HSGQE-at pisqutait cali nasvagluki qalarcugngalteng yugtun kass'atun-llu elitelteng aturluku enemegni cali elitnaurvigmi piyunartacimegcetun.