Bethel Alternative Boarding School (BABS) was established on August 24, 1998. The school has an open enrollment and students can apply at any time. BABS provides a new start for students who have left school, or are not experiencing success in their current high school. The school is open to all students aged 15 to 20 and in grades 9-12. Dorm students must be at least 16 years old. If a student turns 20 while in school, they may stay for the remainder of the school year. Students must be willing to try their best, and follow strict rules of conduct.

The school provides a wide variety of opportunities, including vocational and job skills. Students have the chance to work in meaningful jobs via an "Work-Based Learning" training program. Students may elect to work towards an LKSD Diploma, GED, or job/vocational/life skills. Dedicated and caring staff will work to provide students with an educational program that is just right for them.

Housing may be provided in LKSD dorm-type family houses. With parental permission, students may live at their home in Bethel, or with relatives. Students will also have opportunities to participate in a variety of after school activities. Community Service is required for all students.

Interested students may apply at any time. If the school is full, students will be put on a waiting list. Interested students should fill out an application form. Full application packets can be printed out from this web site or give us a call and we can mail, fax or email one to you today.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our program.


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Second Session Begins october 3, 2011.  

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